Affordable 100w LED Driver with Options for 36V and 12V Power Supply Set


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Quality Switching Power Supply Manufacturer Announces the Launch of S-100-24 Power Supply Set

Leading manufacturer {}, specializing in high-quality switching power supply solutions, has recently announced the launch of its new product - the S-100-24 Power Supply Set. This product, designed with innovation and performance in mind, is a highly efficient and reliable power supply solution that is perfect for various LED driver applications.

The S-100-24 Power Supply Set is a 100W LED driver that supports 36V, 13.5V, and 12V output voltages. Its compact design means it can easily fit within tight spaces, making it an ideal solution for various LED lighting applications, including advertising light boxes, landscape lighting, and many other applications.

This quality product is designed to meet the high standards of quality required by LED lighting systems, ensuring that they are able to function optimally. The S-100-24 Power Supply Set features a highly efficient design that allows it to deliver reliable power without compromising on performance. It comes equipped with a range of features that make it a reliable and durable choice.

Furthermore, this product has been manufactured with high-quality materials that meet the stringent industry standards for safety and performance. It features a robust design that ensures it can withstand even the toughest of operating conditions. Moreover, it comes equipped with overvoltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, ensuring that it can maintain the safety of the connected LED lighting systems at all times.

In addition, the S-100-24 Power Supply Set offers high efficiency up to 88%, which translates to lower power consumption and reduced energy costs. This makes it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option that is perfect for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs while maintaining optimal performance levels.

This S-100-24 Power Supply Set is a testament to {}, the manufacturer behind the product. As a leader in the switching power supply industry, {company name} has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and performance, continuously seeking new and improved solutions to meet the evolving demands of customers.

Their commitment to excellence can be seen in the quality of the products they produce. With strict quality control processes in place, {} ensures that every single product is built to the highest standards. As a result, their products are reliable, efficient, and safe to use.

The S-100-24 Power Supply Set is the latest product from {}, but it is just one of many excellent solutions that they offer. Whether you are looking for LED drivers, power supplies, or high-quality switching solutions, {} has the perfect solution to meet your needs.

In conclusion, the launch of the S-100-24 Power Supply Set is a testament to the dedication and commitment of {} to providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative products. This product is designed to meet the high standards required of LED lighting systems and is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable power supply solution. With {} as your partner, you can be confident that you are getting the best solutions available in the market today.

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Smps Buying Leads: Discover 32 Global Importers and Distributors.Find high-quality SMPS products that meet your needs!

Power Supply, Switching Mode Power Supply, AC-DC Power Supply, DC-DC Power Supply.Power supply units play a vital role in electronic devices and systems. As an important component in any circuit design, the power supply is crucial in ensuring that stable and reliable power is delivered to devices and systems. One of the most popular types of power supply is the SMPS or Switching Mode Power Supply. SMPS is a power supply that converts electrical power from one form to another using switching regulator techniques. SMPS has many advantages, including high efficiency, compact size, and lightweight design. The SMPS is the preferred power supply for most electronic devices, including consumer electronics, computers, and telecommunications equipment.If you are an electronics manufacturer, then you understand the importance of reliable and high-quality power supply units. Finding the right supplier for SMPS buyers can be a daunting task, but EC21 is here to help.At EC21, we connect you with genuine SMPS buyers, importers, wholesalers, and distributors. Our platform provides a secure and reliable marketplace for SMPS products, making it easy for you to find buyers for your brand.One of the essential SMPS products in the market is the 12V SMPS power supply. This power supply is a popular choice in many industries because it offers stable and reliable power, making it perfect for powering LED lights, small-scale electronics, and other low-powered devices.At EC21, you can find a wide range of 12V SMPS power supply buyers who are seeking high-quality and reliable products. Our platform allows you to connect directly with these buyers to offer them the best products and services.In addition to 12V SMPS power supplies, you can also find various types of SMPS power supplies, such as AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC power supplies. Whether you are looking to buy or sell SMPS power supplies, EC21 provides a one-stop solution for all your SMPS needs.In conclusion, SMPS power supplies are essential in many electronic devices and systems. With EC21, you can find a reliable and secure marketplace for SMPS products, including 12V SMPS Power Supply, Switching Mode Power Supply, AC-DC Power Supply, and DC-DC Power Supply. Join our platform today to connect with genuine buyers, importers, wholesalers, and distributors and take advantage of our wide range of SMPS products.

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Wall Mounted AC/DC Switching Power Supply Adaptor with UL, UK, EU, and AU Plug Options

, Reliable Power Adaptor, Desktop Transformer, Changzhou Wingtech Technology Co. Ltd.As technology continues to advance at an alarming rate, the need for reliable and efficient power supply solutions has become increasingly important across different industries. One of the solutions that has been developed to meet this need is the AC/DC Switching Power Supply Wall Mount Plug Type Adaptor UL UK EU Au Plug.The Power Adaptor, Desktop Transformer, has a wide input voltage range and is capable of converting AC voltage to DC voltage. This ensures that it can be used in different locations and countries where voltage requirements may vary. The adaptor is designed to be compact and easy to install, making it an ideal power solution for electronic devices such as routers, modems, and security cameras.Changzhou Wingtech Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese company, is leading the pack when it comes to delivering high-quality and reliable power solutions. As a Famous Switching Power Supply SMPS Exporter, they have invested in research and development to produce efficient and cost-effective power supply solutions.The 6-60W AC/DC Switching Power Supply Wall Mount Plug Type Adaptor UL UK EU Au Plug is one of the flagship products that Changzhou Wingtech Technology Co. Ltd produces. Its reliability, durability, and efficiency have made it a preferred choice for many customers across different industries.One of the key features that have made this Power Adaptor a preferred choice is its high efficiency. The adaptor has a low power consumption rate, making it an energy-efficient power solution for electronic devices. This ensures that the adaptor does not heat up, which can damage electronic devices and increase energy bills.Additionally, the adaptor is built with safety in mind. It has multiple safety features such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. This ensures that electronic devices are protected from damage due to power surges, fluctuations, and other power-related issues.In conclusion, the 6-60W AC/DC Switching Power Supply Wall Mount Plug Type Adaptor UL UK EU Au Plug is a reliable and cost-effective power solution for different electronic devices. Changzhou Wingtech Technology Co. Ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer, and as a Famous Switching Power Supply SMPS Exporter, they have continued to invest in research and development to produce high-quality power supply solutions. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable Power Adaptor, Desktop Transformer, then Changzhou Wingtech Technology Co. Ltd is the place to be.

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High-Quality Rayon Fabric: Custom Woven Challis, Jacquard, Poplin, and Slub, at Competitive Prices

Global Textile Company Launches New Range of High-Quality Rayon FabricsA renowned textile company has recently introduced a new range of rayon fabrics to its collection. The new fabrics are custom woven and designed to cater to various garment manufacturing needs. Among the new fabrics is the 30s Tinto Viscosa Fiammato Tessuto 140gsm Rayon Challis Fiammato Rayon Tessuto, which is among the most sought-after rayon fabrics in the market.According to the company's spokesperson, the new collection features high-quality, durable, and stylish fabrics that are perfect for making dresses, skirts, shirts, and other garments. The collection has been designed to appeal to the discerning customer who is looking for unique and high-quality fabrics that not only look great but also feel amazing.One of the most popular fabrics in the new collection is the custom woven Rayon Challis fabric. This lightweight fabric is perfect for creating elegant and flowing dresses, skirts, and blouses. It drapes beautifully and feels soft against the skin, making it a popular choice for designers who want to create comfortable and stylish garments.Another fabric in the collection that is gaining popularity among designers is the Rayon Jacquard fabric. This fabric features intricate patterns woven into the material, making it perfect for creating eye-catching designs. It is ideal for making dresses, shirts, and skirts that are sure to turn heads.The 100% viscose Dyed Cut Flowers Rayon Slub Fabric is another impressive fabric in the collection. This fabric features a unique slub texture that adds a new dimension to any garment. It is perfect for creating unique and interesting dresses, shirts, and skirts that stand out from the crowd.The collection also features the 45s Plain Dyed Rayon Slub 100% Rayon Slub Fabric, which is perfect for creating elegant and sophisticated garments. This fabric has a smooth texture and drapes beautifully, making it ideal for creating dresses, skirts, and blouses that exude class and elegance.The Rayon Poplin Fabric For Dress Garment is another popular fabric in the collection. This fabric is known for its durability and is perfect for creating garments that will last long. It is ideal for making pants, shirts, and skirts that need to withstand regular wear and tear.The Solid 100 Rayon Viscose Slub Stripe Poplin Fabric is another impressive fabric in the collection. This fabric features a unique stripe pattern that is perfect for creating stylish and sophisticated garments. It is ideal for making shirts, skirts, and dresses that are sure to make a fashion statement.The new collection also includes the Slub Rayon Challis Fabric. This fabric boasts a unique slub texture that adds a new dimension to any garment. It is ideal for creating dresses, shirts, and skirts that are sure to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.According to the company spokesperson, "These new fabrics have been designed to cater to the needs of the modern garment manufacturing industry. They are high-quality, durable, and stylish, which means that they will appeal to a broad range of customers from all walks of life. We are confident that these new fabrics will be a hit with our customers."In conclusion, the new range of rayon fabrics is a reflection of the company's commitment to providing its customers with high-quality textile products that meet their unique needs. With their unique textures, beautiful patterns, and durability, these new fabrics are sure to become a staple in the wardrobe of any fashion-conscious individual looking for stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting garments. Whether it's for casual wear or a special occasion, these fabrics are the perfect choice for those who demand the very best.

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Get Your Product CE Certified: A Guide on Why and How to Obtain the Certification

CE certification is a necessary certification for many products that are sold in the European Union. This certification indicates that the product meets the safety, health, and environmental standards required by the European Union. This certification is not only important for safety reasons but is also a requirement for products to be sold in the European marketplace.There are many benefits of obtaining CE certification for your product. The most important one is that it will allow you to sell your product in the European Union. This is a significant market, and having CE certification will open up new markets for your products. It will also increase the value of your product in the eyes of customers and business partners. CE certification is seen as a sign of quality and safety, and customers are more likely to trust products that have this certification.Getting CE certification for your product requires you to follow specific steps. The first step is to determine which directives apply to your product. There are various EU Directives related to product safety, and you need to know which ones apply to your product. The next step is to assess your product's conformity with the applicable directives. You will need to conduct tests and document the results to demonstrate that your product meets the requirements of the directives.Once you have demonstrated conformity, you will need to draw up a Declaration of Conformity. This document is a statement that your product meets all the EU requirements and is safe for use. It also provides information about your product, such as its intended use, technical characteristics, and any restrictions or limitations on its use.The final step is to affix the CE mark to your product. This mark is a symbol that indicates that your product meets the EU requirements and is safe for use. It is a mandatory requirement for products sold in the European Union, and failure to affix the mark can result in serious consequences.EJET Sourcing is a company that specializes in helping businesses obtain CE certification for their products. They provide an end-to-end solution that includes testing, documentation, and certification. Their experienced team can guide you through the entire process and ensure that your product meets all the requirements of the EU Directives.In addition to CE certification, EJET Sourcing also provides a range of other services to help businesses succeed in the global marketplace. They can help with product design and development, sourcing, and quality control. With their comprehensive range of services, businesses can be confident that their products meet all the necessary requirements and are of the highest quality.In conclusion, CE certification is an essential requirement for products sold in the European Union. It is important for ensuring the safety and health of consumers and for opening up new markets for businesses. With the help of a company like EJET Sourcing, businesses can obtain CE certification quickly and efficiently and ensure that their products meet all the necessary requirements.

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DIY 5V Power Supply Circuit - Can I Use a 9V Wall Wart?

, Electrical Engineering, Circuit, Wall Wart, Voltage RegulatorPower Supply 5V: Building Your Own Circuit With A Wall WartIf you're an electrical engineer, you know the importance of having a stable and reliable power supply for your circuits. One of the common voltage requirements for digital circuits is 5V. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to build your own 5V power supply using a 9V DC wall wart.Before we start, let's briefly discuss about the voltage regulator, which is the main component of our circuit. A voltage regulator is an electronic component that takes an input voltage and regulates it to a fixed output voltage. In our case, we need a 5V voltage regulator that can handle at least 1A of current.Step 1: Gather Your ComponentsTo build our 5V power supply, we'll need the following components:- LM7805 voltage regulator- 0.33µF ceramic capacitor- 0.1µF ceramic capacitor- 2.2µF electrolytic capacitor- 1N4007 diode- Male and female DC power jacks- Heat sink (optional)You can buy these components from any electronic store or online shopping website. The LM7805 voltage regulator is easily available and comes in a TO-220 package.Step 2: Solder the CircuitThe circuit diagram for our 5V power supply is shown below:![5v-power-supply-circuit-diagram.png](, solder the LM7805 voltage regulator onto a small PCB or a stripboard. Make sure to attach a heat sink to the regulator if you're expecting a high load. Next, solder the ceramic capacitors (0.33µF and 0.1µF) and the electrolytic capacitor (2.2µF) to the PCB in their respective positions.Now, let's integrate our wall wart into the circuit. Cut the DC power jack cables and strip the ends. Solder the positive wire (usually red) to the input pin of the voltage regulator and the negative wire (usually black) to the ground pin. Make sure to add the 1N4007 diode in series with the positive wire, with the cathode of the diode facing the regulator input.Lastly, connect the output of the regulator to the female DC power jack. Make sure to connect the positive output to the centre pin of the jack and the negative output to the outer barrel.Step 3: TestingOur 5V power supply circuit is now complete. Before connecting it to any circuit, always perform a quick voltage test to ensure everything is working as expected. Power on the wall wart and use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the output of the regulator. It should be a stable 5V.Congratulations! You have successfully built your own 5V power supply using a wall wart. This circuit can handle up to 1A of current, making it ideal for many digital circuits. Feel free to add any additional components, such as a fuse or an LED indicator, to enhance its functionality.ConclusionIn this article, we learnt how to build a 5V power supply using a wall wart and a voltage regulator. This circuit can be easily modified to suit your specific requirements, such as higher current output or different input voltages. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Happy circuit building!

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Powerful Solar MPPT Charger with 40A Capacity for Efficient Energy Conversion

EP Solar MPPT 24/48 40 Ampere: An Excellent Solution for Alternative Energy SystemsAs the world becomes more aware of the environmental issues caused by traditional energy sources, alternative energy systems are becoming more popular. One of the key components of these systems is the solar charge controller, which regulates the voltage and current produced by solar panels. The EP Solar MPPT 24/48 40 ampere is one such controller that provides an outstanding solution for alternative energy systems.The EP Solar MPPT 24/48 40 ampere is a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller. This technology allows the controller to track the maximum power point of the solar panel array, which means the panels are operating at maximum efficiency. The MPPT also converts the excess voltage into current, which is a valuable feature for systems using a 24 or 48-volt battery bank.The MPPT controller is compatible with a range of battery chemistries, including Lead Acid, Gel, and Lithium-Ion. The controller's intelligent charging algorithm provides the best charging profile for each battery type, ensuring that they are charged efficiently and safely.The controller's interface is user-friendly, with a backlit LCD screen that displays all relevant system information, including battery voltage, charging current, and energy produced. The controller also has a variety of safety features, such as overcharging protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection.The EP Solar MPPT 24/48 40 ampere is also compatible with a range of accessories, such as remote temperature sensors and communication modules. These accessories allow for increased monitoring and control of the alternative energy system.The controller's OEM SMPS 40 Ampere design is another feature that makes it stand out. SMPS stands for Switched-Mode Power Supply, which is a type of power supply that is much more efficient than traditional linear power supplies. Switched-mode power supplies produce less heat and are smaller and lighter than linear power supplies, making them ideal for alternative energy systems.In conclusion, the EP Solar MPPT 24/48 40 ampere is an excellent solution for alternative energy systems. Its Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, intelligent charging algorithm, user-friendly interface, and range of safety features make it an exceptional charging controller. Its compatibility with a range of battery chemistries and accessories, as well as its OEM SMPS 40 Ampere design, make it one of the best options on the market today. If you're looking to build an alternative energy system, the EP Solar MPPT 24/48 40 ampere is definitely worth considering.

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Versatile Bench Power Supply for Various Applications - Power Supply Circuits

If you're an electronics enthusiast who loves tinkering with different gadgets and devices, then you must know the importance of having a reliable power supply. Having a high-quality power supply not only improves the performance of your devices but also ensures their longevity.One such power supply that's highly versatile and functional is the multi-purpose bench power supply. This power supply is designed to offer a stable and adjustable DC voltage output, making it ideal for powering various electronic projects and devices.The multi-purpose bench power supply comes with a range of features that make it highly useful for various purposes. It's equipped with a 12V DC transformer, which provides a stable and low-noise power supply. The transformer has a high output current of up to 2.5 A, making it suitable for use with various electronic devices.Moreover, the power supply is built with a range of safety features that make it highly reliable and safe to use. It comes equipped with over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, ensuring that your devices remain safe even in case of unanticipated events.The multi-purpose bench power supply is versatile and highly functional. It can be used in various settings, including laboratories, workshops, and educational institutions. It's built with a robust casing that's designed to withstand harsh conditions, making it suitable for use even in rugged environments.Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and efficient power supply for your electronic projects and devices, the multi-purpose bench power supply is an excellent choice. With its 12V DC transformer and range of features, you can be sure that you'll get stable and reliable power supply, every time. So why wait? Get your multi-purpose bench power supply today and take your electronic projects to the next level!

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Windows 10 Compatible Motherboard for Efficient Performance at Best Price

Zebronics Zeb-Z31 Motherboard for Windows 10 – The Perfect Solution for Your Computing NeedsZebronics, a renowned computer accessories and peripherals manufacturer, has launched its latest Zeb-Z31 motherboard, enabling users to elevate their computing experience to a whole new level. The motherboard is designed to cater to the needs of gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals alike, and provide them with a reliable and seamless performance.The Zebronics Zeb-Z31 motherboard is one of the best-in-class motherboards available in the market specifically designed for Windows 10. It comes with an advanced set of features that deliver fast, smooth, and stable performance. The motherboard supports a range of processors and is compatible with both Intel and AMD CPUs. The Zeb-Z31 motherboard is based on LGA1151 8th/9th Gen Socket, making it compatible with the latest processors in the market.The motherboard supports dual-channel DDR4 RAM along with high clock speeds, making it an ideal choice for gamers and high-performance computing applications. Furthermore, with the presence of four DIMM slots, the motherboard can support up to 64GB of RAM, giving you plenty of space to store all your data without experiencing any lag.The Zebronics Zeb-Z31 motherboard is designed to support high-speed data transfer and comes with dual M.2 slots, allowing users to install high-speed storage devices. Additionally, the motherboard supports multiple GPU setups, making it ideal for gaming enthusiasts who require a high-performance graphics card.The motherboard also features multiple input/output ports, including USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 2.0, RJ-45 Ethernet, DisplayPort, and HDMI 2.0b. With the presence of multiple ports, users can connect a range of peripherals to their desktops, be it a gaming controller, a mouse, or a keyboard.In terms of software support, the Zebronics Zeb-Z31 motherboard comes with an intuitive BIOS interface that allows users to configure their system settings with ease. The BIOS interface also enables users to optimize their system’s performance and overclock it if required.According to Pradeep Doshi, Director Product and Marketing, Zebronics, “The Zebronics Zeb-Z31 motherboard is a perfect choice for users looking for a high-performance computing option without breaking the bank. The motherboard is designed to deliver fast and stable performance, enabling users to run multiple applications seamlessly. With its advanced features, the Zeb-Z31 motherboard is truly a value for money option for gamers and enthusiasts.”In conclusion, the Zebronics Zeb-Z31 motherboard is an excellent choice for users looking for a high-end computing solution that delivers fast, reliable, and stable performance. With its advanced features, intuitive BIOS interface, and compatibility with the latest processors, the motherboard is an ideal option for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, content creator, or a professional, the Zebronics Zeb-Z31 motherboard is the perfect solution for all your computing needs.

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Discover Top Quality Power Supply Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Surveillance Solutions: Discover the Best Power Supply OptionsIf you are looking for a reliable power supply to support your surveillance system, then you have come to the right place. Not all power supplies are created equal and at {company name}, we understand the significance of having a power supply that works seamlessly with your surveillance equipment. That is why we offer a range of indoor and outdoor power supply solutions that cater to your specific needs.Having a robust and dependable power supply is critical for ensuring that your surveillance system remains operational at all times. A power supply that is not up to the task may lead to performance issues with your cameras and other surveillance equipment. Consequently, you could miss out on vital footage that could compromise your security.But with {company name} on your side, you don't have to worry about such complications. With our range of high-quality power supply solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable, consistent power output every time.Indoor Power SuppliesWhen it comes to indoor surveillance systems, you need a power supply that is efficient and reliable. At {company name}, we stock a range of indoor power supply solutions, including CCTV power supplies and security camera power supplies. Whether you need a power supply that can support one camera or multiple cameras, we have you covered.Our indoor power supplies offer a range of features such as surge protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection. Additionally, we stock power supplies that come with multiple output options, allowing you to power up several devices at once.Outdoor Power SuppliesOutdoor surveillance systems require a different type of power supply than indoor systems. Outdoor power supplies must be able to endure more extreme weather conditions, including temperature fluctuations, humidity, and exposure to the elements. At {company name}, we offer a range of outdoor power supply solutions built to withstand even the harshest environments.Our outdoor power supplies come with a range of features designed to maximize their lifespan, including waterproof designs, rust-resistant materials, and dust proofing. Additionally, we offer a range of power supplies with multiple output options, so you can power up several devices at once.Why Choose {company name}At {company name}, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality power supply solutions. Our range of power supplies is built to the highest standards and conforms to industry regulations. Additionally, we offer a warranty on all our power supplies, ensuring our customers’ peace of mind.We understand that each customer's needs are unique, and that is why we provide tailor-made solutions to meet each customer's specific requirements. Our team of experienced technicians is always on call to assist with any power supply-related queries and ensure a smooth and seamless installation experience.ConclusionAt {company name}, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality power supply solutions that ensure their surveillance system remains operational at all times. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor power supply, we have you covered. Contact us today and discover the best power supply options for your surveillance needs.

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High-Quality 12V DC Power Supply with SMPS Technology for enhanced efficiency and reliability

Power Supply, High Quality Power Supply, SMPS technology, Efficiency, Reliability, Load Capacity, Input Voltage, Output Voltage.Are you tired of experiencing power issues with your electronic devices? Do you want a reliable and efficient power supply that can handle heavy loads? Look no further than the 12V 10A SMPS Power Supply.This power supply utilizes SMPS technology, which ensures optimal efficiency and reliability. It is designed to output a consistent 12V DC voltage with a maximum load capacity of 10A. This makes it perfect for powering high performance electronic devices such as gaming computer systems, high-end audio equipment, and industrial machinery.The input voltage range of the 12v 10a SMPS power supply is AC 100-264V at 50/60Hz, which means you can use it in a variety of countries or regions around the world. It also comes with safeguards such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection, which help to prevent damage to your devices.One of the main advantages of the 12V 10A SMPS Power Supply is its efficiency. SMPS technology is known for its high efficiency since it uses a switching regulator to convert the high voltage AC input into a low voltage DC output. This technology allows the power supply to operate at a higher frequency, which reduces the size and weight of the unit while also making it more energy efficient.Another advantage of this power supply is its reliability. SMPS technology has been extensively tested and proven to be reliable, making it ideal for use in critical applications where downtime can be costly. The 12V 10A SMPS Power Supply also has a long lifespan and is designed to operate at an optimal level for years without any issues.In summary, the 12V 10A SMPS Power Supply is a high quality power supply that uses SMPS technology for better efficiency and reliability. It is perfect for powering high performance electronic devices, has a wide input voltage range, and is designed with several safeguards to protect your devices. So, if you want a power supply that is both reliable and efficient, consider the Famous SMPS 12V 10A Power Supply.

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